How-To create a Windows Password Reset Disk

February 3, 2019

What is a Windows Password Reset Disk? How to create one? Do you feel like everything is locked behind a password today? From email to social networks to cloud-based music applications, and even our phones and laptops, everything is password-protected. While this may be better for privacy and keep your data safe from any prying...


Forgot your Windows password?

February 2, 2019

Here is how you can access your Windows PC if you forgot your password In a world where everyone owns at least two to three smart devices, from laptops to smartphones to tablets, it is a complicated task to make sure that all your essential data is available everywhere. To solve this problem, most applications...


How-To use tablet mode in Windows

January 31, 2019

Windows has a hidden Tablet mode – here is how you can enable or disable it Windows has a history of highs and lows, in the very literal sense. There is a high (highly adored) version of Windows sandwiched between two low (hated) versions of Windows. Windows XP was a big hit while Vista was...


Control Smartphone through your Windows browser

January 29, 2019

How-To use your smartphone from any browser in Window In today’s world where there’s an app for everything, a lot of our daily work and routine involves using applications on our smartphone. Our smartphones have become a major part of our daily lives, including our work routines as well as home routines. From taking pictures and...


Automate Tasks on Windows using Batch Files

January 23, 2019

How-To automate tasks on Windows using Batch Files The Windows interface is a Graphical User Interface, allowing the user to navigate through different options and menus by using a mouse and a keyboard, allowing the user to interact with the environment rather than type every command out. This way of interaction may be easier to...


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