Ntoskrnl Bluescreen Blues: Unraveling Causes and Cures

Facing a myriad of problems when using computers is common. The Blue Screen of Death is one such instance, but what does it mean? Read on to find out.

Computer users commonly face varying problems while accessinga Windows computer system. Only a few might be as common yet frustrating as the infamous Blue Screen of Death, also known as BSOD. It essentially crashes your system, stopping all ongoing processes and actions.

Ntoskrnl.exe is an executable often associated with the blue screen of death. This article aims to explore what Ntoskrnl.exe is, its relevance to the blue screen of death crashes and potential fixes.

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What is Ntoskrnl.exe?


Windows NT Operating System Kernel, Ntoskrnl.exe in short, is a key component of the Windows operating system. The executable is vital for system resource management, peripheral or hardware related interactions and facilitation of certain important system related processes. Ntoskrnl.exe can be seen as bridge between software and hardware a computer system consists of in most scenarios.

What Causes the Blue Screen of Death?

The average computer user is not aware of the underlying issues that might cause a blue screen of death. There are numerous causes behind the blue screen of death being triggered. A few of them include the following:

Hardware Malfunction

Basic Blue Screen of Death causes in relation to Ntoskrnl.exe include hardware failure, such as faulty hard drives, SSDs, RAM sticks or even the processor itself. Faults with components like these may be due to inadequate or excessive power supply, overheating or generic component defects.

Driver Errors

Driver related issues can commonly trigger Ntoskrnl.exe related errors. Compatibility issues due to drivers being outdated or problems within their respective devices can cause these issues. A BSOD can be expected in such scenarios.

Faulty Software

As mentioned earlier, Ntoskrnl.exe is responsible for various software related interactions within your computer system. Therefore, if faulty software is being run on the system, it may cause a blue screen of death. Faulty here can mean incompatibility or simply badly coded software.

Damaged System Files

Ntoskrnl.exe is an executable directly associated with Windows’ processes

and counts as a system file. If related system files are damaged or corrupted, Ntoskrnl.exe’s operations can be impacted resulting in BSOD crashes. Damage to files can be caused by incorrect shutdowns, crashes, faulty software, or malware.

Blue Screen of Death: Fixes

Considering the frequency Blue Screen of Death is experienced at by users due to Ntoskrnl.exe related issues, fixes to the problem are readily available. A few highly effective ones would be:

Hardware Maintenance


As identified earlier, hardware related faults are a common cause of blue screen of death crashes. Consequentially, going through a system’s hardware components on instances of BSOD crashes can often fix the problem. Checks can be made of memory, disks, the CPU, and other components to identify any issues.

Updated Drivers

Addressing the faulty driver problem above that can cause BSODs, it is essential to keep all device drivers updated and compatible.

Rollbacks and Restores


Faulty software can sometimes be associated to BSOD crashes related to the Ntoskrnl.exe executable. If updates to certain software triggers blue screen of death crashes, rolling back to older, stable versions is a good approach for fixing the problem. This essentially restores the said software to an error free version that should remove crash related issues.

Malware Detection

Usage of reputable malware detectors is vital to keep your computer system free from malware. Malware can cause Ntosknrl.exe related blue screen of death crashes.

Updating Windows

Frequent Window updates are important to maintain optimal Windows functionality. Patches and updates consist of important changes that prevent system related inconveniences.

Blue Screen of Death: Crash Prevention

As explored in this article, the Blue Screen of death is amongst common computer related malfunction faced by users. The role of Ntoskrnl.exe as a Windows System executable and its relationship with the BSOD has also been identified.

Causes relating Ntoskrnl.exe with the blue screen of death are easily identifiable and can be tackled. The most significant causes and effective solutions have been explored in this article for the benefit of readers.

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