Category: Memory Issues

Increase Your C Drive in Windows

How-To Increase the Size of your C Drive in Windows We have all been there, stuck in a situation where one partition on your hard drive is filled to the brim while the other partition is still free for GBs of spaces. Usually, it is the C Drive, the default drive Windows uses for the… Read more »

Remove Reserved Space on Windows 10

Here is how you can remove Reserved Space on Window 10 Since after the May 2019 update release, Windows 10 will reserve about 7 GB of your device’s storage for updates and optional files. This will ensure easy installation of updates in the future—but you can recover that space if you want, even though Microsoft recommends… Read more »

Make Chrome more Memory-Efficient on Windows

How to make Google Chrome on Windows take up less Memory by suspending Tabs The year is 2019 and unless you use Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System, the only real choice for getting the fastest, and basically the overall best, browser for a desktop Operating System is Google’s Chrome web browser. Even most OS… Read more »

How to Fix a WebBrowser Control Memory Leak

How to Fix Sluggish Performance and Unresponsiveness Caused by a WebBrowser Control Application Memory Leak on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista Problem Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista devices that use a WebBrowser control application can start to run into significant memory allocation issues after prolonged use. Oftentimes, your machine… Read more »