How-To Password Protect Files in Windows

How-To Password Protect Files in Windows Using Encryption In the age of the internet, the notion of privacy is getting harder and harder to achieve. While ever-present networking may be good for an automated, shared world, it also opens up opportunities for malice. Cyber attacks are on the rise and hackers can try to access… Read more »

How-To Use Microsoft Remote Desktop

The pandemic has pushed us into a new era, making us rethink our workflows and forcing us to do things in a new way. Mandatory physical meetings have now become zoom calls while social interactions have taken the form of slack conversations. Similarly, we also have had to change how we use our machines. Being… Read more »

Disable Windows Diagnostic Data Collection

Here is how you can Disable Diagnostic Data Collection in Windows Linux may be best for developers and high-processing servers, Mac may be the king of premium laptops, but Windows is easily the most popular PC operating system around. It strikes the best balance, both price and feature-wise. Unlike Linux where is complete freedom and… Read more »

Enable Brightness Slider in Quick Actions

Among the many changes Microsoft introduced in the Metro UI-inspired Windows 8, only a few managed to be carried over to Windows 10. The much-hated Start screen was axed, thankfully, but the Quick Access Notification Center remained and is still present in Windows 10. Much like a smartphone notification center, it provides the user with… Read more »

Install Connect App for Wireless Display

Here is how you can Wirelessly Project your Screen using the new Connect app on Windows One of the great benefits of having a laptop is also a disadvantage; at the cost of portability, you are losing the screen real estate that a PC with a display can bring. However, we can easily rectify that… Read more »

Use Aero Peek and Show Desktop in Windows 10

Here is how you can Use Aero Peek and Show Desktop in Windows 10 Over the years, our computers have grown faster and faster. While this may be amazing for performance, it can also have the side effect of drowning you in clutter. Back in the day, we only opened one or two applications cause… Read more »

Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito

Here is how you can Enable Chrome Extensions to work in Incognito Mode The internet is full of ads. While some are harmless ads based on the content you are seeing, others are not so innocent, tracking your every move across different sites and using all that data to serve you highly personalized ads. For… Read more »