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CSRSS.exe: A Trojan or a Legitimate Process?

In the ever-evolving landscape of computer security, users often grapple with whether specific system processes are benign components of their operating systems or insidious malware disguising itself under familiar names. One such process that frequently raises eyebrows is CSRSS.exe. Is it an essential element of the Windows operating system, diligently carrying out its designated tasks,… Read more »

A guide to resolving wmipvrse.exe High CPU usage

Introduction: If you have noticed lag, slowness, or abrupt heating up of your computer, Wmiprvse.exe is probably taking too much CPU power. The Windows management instrumentation provider service, or Wmiprvse.exe, is a vital system process that gathers and provides data on the system and its components. This program is a part of Microsoft’s operating system.… Read more »

Dwm.Exe High Memory Usage – Causes

Have you ever left your PC idle, only to find your processor fan running at 100%? Blame it on your Dwm.Exe. DWM, or Desktop Window Manager, manages everything displaying your desktop, including graphics effects like animations, thumbnails, themes, etc. However, all this uses high memory usage, which can cause the system to strain. This strain… Read more »

Troubleshooting Microsoft Office Update: Automatic Update not Enabled

Is your Microsoft Office suite giving you a hard time with recent updates? Do you feel you need to understand why your Microsoft Office applications aren’t updating on their own or receiving any pop-ups for automatic updates? This can be very frustrating, especially for busy professionals with no time to sit around and wait for… Read more »

Install Microsoft Updates- A Complete Guide

In the dynamic landscape of digital productivity, keeping your software up to date is paramount to harnessing its full potential. For users of Microsoft Office, ensuring you have the latest features and performance enhancements is essential in optimizing your workflow. Whether you’re using MS Office 2016 or exploring legacy versions like MS Office 2003, this… Read more »

Microsoft Teams For Remote Work: Leverage Seamless Collaboration via Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate solution for sorting out networking issues, whether you are running a business or working for a corporate setup! With its advanced features, it allows for much more productive work as it lets you boost your work efficiency! In today’s fast-paced world of remote work, establishing reliable connections and fostering seamless… Read more »

Mastering Power Automate: Building an End-to-End Workflow for Data Automation

In our previous articles we have covered features of Microsoft’s low code platform “Power Automate”. In this article we will be covering a basic end-to-end design for a flow on Power Automate. We will be taking the following example. Where we must automate input data on a google form and have to copy this data… Read more »

Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5: Unveiling the Ultimate Next-Gen Gaming Battle

Gamers worldwide eagerly awaited the arrival of the next generation video game console, with which came the promises of redefined, immersive, and realistic gaming experiences. November 2020 saw this long wait end: the future of gaming was here, with Microsoft launching its flagship Xbox Series X and Sony launching its flagship Playstation 5. The two… Read more »

Exploring Power Automate’s Key Features for Seamless Workflow Management

Let’s examine each of Power Automate’s primary features in more detail. Connectivity: Connecting to a wide range of services and apps is made easy by Power Automate’s wide selection of connectors. It is simpler to converse and share information across multiple platforms thanks to these links. A few examples of links are Microsoft 365 (Office… Read more »

Unlocking Productivity: Navigating Access to Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, which also includes Power BI (for business analytics) and Power Apps (for app development). It is designed to empower users across different roles, including business users, analysts, and developers, to create efficient and automated workflows that improve productivity and reduce manual tasks. Power Automate, formerly known… Read more »