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Search Inside a File From Terminal

How-To Search Inside a File from the Terminal in Windows Are you one of those people who doesn’t spend too much time naming files appropriately? Do you also forget which file contained the content that you were looking for? Well, if you are one of those people, we have just the right tool for you… Read more »

How-To Password Protect Files in Windows

How-To Password Protect Files in Windows Using Encryption In the age of the internet, the notion of privacy is getting harder and harder to achieve. While ever-present networking may be good for an automated, shared world, it also opens up opportunities for malice. Cyber attacks are on the rise and hackers can try to access… Read more »

Uninstall a Program on Windows Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can Uninstall a Program on Windows Using the Command Prompt Here at ExeFiles, we are big fans of everything that can be done with a few lines of text i.e. through a Command Line Interface. Over the years, we have covered numerous guides on how you can streamline your complete workflow… Read more »

Completely Reset Your Windows PC

Here is how you can completely Reset your Windows PC One of the main issues many Windows users face is that as time goes by and clutter, software bloat, and other useless services gradually slow down your PC. This can be quite annoying as it creates a whole host of issues, from sluggish performance to… Read more »

See All Your Saved Passwords in Windows

Here is how you can see all your saved passwords in Windows The connected world may have made everything more accessible but it has also brought with it its own share of problems, like the lack of digital security. As a result, we now have to remember passwords for everything, from our social network accounts… Read more »

How to Fix Hard Disk 100% Usage

Is your Hard Disk usage always at a 100%? Here is how you can fix it quickly and easily Is your computer acting sluggishly slow all of a sudden? Does opening a new application or even the file explorer take ages? While there are a number of factors that could result in bogging down your… Read more »