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Fix Uninstall error on Windows

How-To Fix Common¬†Uninstall errors on Windows Uninstalling files and applications is a norm; often, users find some applications redundant; hence feel free to uninstall them. Delete Files The process of uninstalling files is simple. Go to the file explorer and find the file you wish to delete. Click on it or right-click on it. And… Read more »

How-To Uninstall Software in Windows

Here is how to Uninstall a Software in Windows Over the years, a PC has become a much more accessible and simple machine. OS manufacturers like Microsoft and Apple have focused primarily on ease of use while simultaneously automating most of the mundane boring tasks so PC users can focus on the productivity aspect of… Read more »

Uninstall a Program on Windows Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can Uninstall a Program on Windows Using the Command Prompt Here at ExeFiles, we are big fans of everything that can be done with a few lines of text i.e. through a Command Line Interface. Over the years, we have covered numerous guides on how you can streamline your complete workflow… Read more »

Disable Lock Screen on Windows

Here is how you can Disable the Lock Screen on Windows Since the introduction of Windows, it has gone through quite a few iterations. While some¬† of them have been for the better, like the immensely popular Windows 7, others haven’t been as well-received, like the Metro-UI based Windows 8. Microsoft backtracked with the touch-centric… Read more »

Change or Remove a File’s Properties in Windows

Here is how you can change or remove a File’s Properties in Windows A file system is a core part of every operating system today. While most modern file systems come equipped with basic features like copying or moving files, storing file sizes, supporting mounting drives, etc. there are still some fundamental differences in the… Read more »