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Use Aero Peek and Show Desktop in Windows 10

Here is how you can Use Aero Peek and Show Desktop in Windows 10 Over the years, our computers have grown faster and faster. While this may be amazing for performance, it can also have the side effect of drowning you in clutter. Back in the day, we only opened one or two applications cause… Read more »

Set Program Affinity in Windows

Here is how you can set Program Affinity in Windows to Start a Program with a Specific CPU core Windows is an advanced operating system with tons of hidden features that the common user usually doesn’t even know about. However, if you are a power user who wants to know about the features that will… Read more »

Install Windows PowerToys

Here is how you can Install Windows PowerToys Windows is the most popular PC operating system in use today and with its immense popularity comes an abundance of great applications, both Windows apps as well as third-party options that make it the great platform it is today. While there are a ton of third-party utilities… Read more »

Disable Lock Screen on Windows

Here is how you can Disable the Lock Screen on Windows Since the introduction of Windows, it has gone through quite a few iterations. While someĀ  of them have been for the better, like the immensely popular Windows 7, others haven’t been as well-received, like the Metro-UI based Windows 8. Microsoft backtracked with the touch-centric… Read more »

Save all the Pictures from a Office Document in one Click

Here is how you can save all the Attachments from an Office Document in one click Microsoft is not only the maker of the world’s most popular operating system but it also makes some amazingly useful and productive softwares, especially its Office suite of applications. They are some of the world’s most abundantly used productivity… Read more »