Author: EXE Files Team

Alternatives to Windows apps

Here are some Great Battery-Saving Alternatives to Windows Apps Does it ever frustrate you to watch your battery drain in no time? Especially, when there are no charging ports around you? We will be laying out alternatives to battery-hungry applications and a few tips to optimize battery usage. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is the default… Read more »

Connect to Printer in a Shared Grouped

How to Connect Your PC to a Printer in a Shared Grouped Windows has improved its handling of networked printers significantly over time. However, if you wish to distribute a printer across the network, you might need to do some additional labor to get everything set up. There are two steps to establishing a printer… Read more »

Change volume or brightness using Command Prompt

How to change the volume or brightness of your Windows Machine Using Command Prompt Inside the Command Prompt panel, a command prompt is an input location for entering computer instructions. You may accomplish things on your pc without utilizing the Windows graphic user interface by entering instructions at the command prompt. The following are some… Read more »

Extend Partition Size on Windows

How To Extend Partition Size on Windows For multiple reasons, you might want to partition your hard drive. Listed below are a few of them: You want to separate operating system files from personal files. This way if you want to reinstall Windows on your system, perhaps a new version, then you won’t have to… Read more »

Share files over Ethernet/LAN

How to share files over Ethernet/LAN Nowadays wifi speed has increased drastically, and small pen drives with large storage are also available to us yet sometimes sharing files of excessively large size can become a hassle to share between multiple PCs, sometimes the connections get disconnected which disrupts the file sharing service or you would… Read more »