Author: EXE Files Team

How to Fix Hard Disk 100% Usage

Is your Hard Disk usage always at a 100%? Here is how you can fix it quickly and easily Is your computer acting sluggishly slow all of a sudden? Does opening a new application or even the file explorer take ages? While there are a number of factors that could result in bogging down your… Read more »

Can’t find the “Open command window here” option? Here is how to fix it

Here is how to get back the “Open command window here” option back in Windows One of the easiest ways to open Command Prompt inside a folder is to simply right-click inside the folder with the Shift key pressed, and you could see “Open Command Prompt Here” option inside the right-click menu. If you can’t see… Read more »

Here is how you can connect your Android or iPhone device

Connect Your Android or iPhone device with your Windows 10 PC (How-To) Microsoft may have lost the smartphone wars to Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone but it isn’t giving up on the premise of a completely connected PC-smartphone ecosystem anytime soon. With the release of the Fall Creators Update last year, Microsoft unveiled the ability… Read more »

How to Fix a WebBrowser Control Memory Leak

How to Fix Sluggish Performance and Unresponsiveness Caused by a WebBrowser Control Application Memory Leak on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista Problem Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Vista devices that use a WebBrowser control application can start to run into significant memory allocation issues after prolonged use. Oftentimes, your machine… Read more »