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Manually Install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10

Here is how you can manually Install Windows Subsystem for Linux on Windows 10 Two years ago, Microsoft announced some significant new additions to Windows, including a real Linux kernel. Called the¬†Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), it is a compatibility layer for running Linux binary executables natively on a compatible version of Windows. Currently, there… Read more »

Turn On Safe Search in Windows

Here is how you can Configure Safe Search and Other Search Settings in Windows Gone are the days when you had to sift through files and folders to find something that you are looking for, or browse through different web directories to find the web page that contains the content you desire. Now, given the… Read more »

Quit an Unresponsive Application

Here is how you can Quit an Unresponsive or Stuck Application on Windows We have all been there. Stuck with an unresponsive application, waiting for it to start responding again. Even if you have the most powerful PC in the world, you would still experience the occasional hiccups when an app would just refuse to… Read more »

Run Android Apps on Windows

Here is how you can run Android Apps on Windows using an Emulator Our smartphones might have taken over the crown for entertainment and leisure activities but PCs are still considered premier workhorse machines and the device to use when you are going for productivity. However, while smartphones have tons of applications available to download,… Read more »

Check If Your PC Has TPM

Here is how you can Check if your PC has TPM After some pretty detailed leaks, Microsoft finally unveiled Windows 11 this week. A major Windows redesign, it comes nearly 6 years after the last major version of Windows. While this new version of Windows comes as a free upgrade for any Windows 10 machine,… Read more »

Adjust Keyboard Backlight on Windows

Here is how you can adjust Keyboard Backlight on Windows Keyboards have been around for quite a while. While our smartphones and tablets might have moved on to touchscreens, the feel of typing on a hardware keyboard, with keys that you can actually touch and feel in your hands, is still hard to beat. For… Read more »

Use Tab Search in Chrome on Windows

Here is how you can Supercharge your Tab Switching Using Tab Search in Chrome One of the things that make a PC a better work machine than other smart devices like tablets and phones is their ability to multitask, seamlessly switching between different apps, tabs, etc. Google and Apple have tried to make their smartphone… Read more »

Disable Windows Diagnostic Data Collection

Here is how you can Disable Diagnostic Data Collection in Windows Linux may be best for developers and high-processing servers, Mac may be the king of premium laptops, but Windows is easily the most popular PC operating system around. It strikes the best balance, both price and feature-wise. Unlike Linux where is complete freedom and… Read more »

Enable Brightness Slider in Quick Actions

Among the many changes Microsoft introduced in the Metro UI-inspired Windows 8, only a few managed to be carried over to Windows 10. The much-hated Start screen was axed, thankfully, but the Quick Access Notification Center remained and is still present in Windows 10. Much like a smartphone notification center, it provides the user with… Read more »

Install Connect App for Wireless Display

Here is how you can Wirelessly Project your Screen using the new Connect app on Windows One of the great benefits of having a laptop is also a disadvantage; at the cost of portability, you are losing the screen real estate that a PC with a display can bring. However, we can easily rectify that… Read more »