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Taking Screenshots in Windows

Here are 4 ways you can take a Screenshot in Windows Our mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are almost as powerful as our PCs, or in some cases, even more powerful! However, one important aspect of owning a PC, especially a Windows one, is that Windows is full of options to customize it exactly… Read more »

Disable an Application from Accessing the Internet

How-to disable an application from accessing the internet on Windows The internet is a constant presence in our daily lives and today, most of the work we do is from the browser window on our PC. However, there is still a lot of professional work that requires downloading other softwares and applications. Some of these… Read more »

How-To Permanently Disable Windows Defender

Here is how you can permanently disable Windows Defender on Windows Windows Defender Antivirus is a service that comes included with Windows 10 all editions from the get-go. Its main use is to protect against spyware, malware, ransomware, viruses and many other threats. A new feature introduced with Windows 10 offers Real-Time Protection which monitors… Read more »

Make Chrome more Memory-Efficient on Windows

How to make Google Chrome on Windows take up less Memory by suspending Tabs The year is 2019 and unless you use Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System, the only real choice for getting the fastest, and basically the overall best, browser for a desktop Operating System is Google’s Chrome web browser. Even most OS… Read more »

Control Smartphone through your Windows browser

How-To use your smartphone from any browser in Window In today’s world where there’s anĀ app for everything, a lot of our daily work and routine involves using applications on our smartphone. Our smartphones have become a major part of our daily lives, including our work routines as well as home routines. From taking pictures and… Read more »