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How-To Connect a Printer to Windows

Here is how you can Connect a Printer to your Windows Machine Windows is a general-purpose operating system and has a ton of built-in utilities and tools to allow you to perform almost any task you want to perform from a personal computer. Most hardware devices like mouse, keyboards, printers, etc. are designed to work… Read more »

Use Voice to Control Windows

Here is how you can use your Voice to Control your Windows Machine Our computers have evolved a lot over the years. Starting from text-based black screens that required the user to go through bulky manuals and learn commands for performing even simple tasks like launching a program or even navigating a file, now our… Read more »

Change Icons and Text Size in Windows

Here is how you can change the Size of Icons and Text in Windows We have come a long way from text-based console-line interfaces and almost all modern operating systems s are designed with the Graphical User Interface in mind, including Windows. Windows, like other operating systems, shares many common concepts like icons and the… Read more »

How-To Run an Application as Administrator from the Run Box

Here is how you can quickly run an Application or a Command as Administrator from the Run Dialog Box Windows is designed to be a multi-user operating system. It has a pretty robust built-in user management system that allows the user of multiple users with different levels of privileges and permissions, allowing the system owner… Read more »

Get Command Prompt Output in Text File or Clipboard

Here is how you can Export Command Prompt output in a Text File or Paste it to the Clipboard Microsoft’s Windows uses a pretty intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), based on a concept where each application operates within the confines of a window, which can be minimized, maximized, or resized, making it perfect for multitasking.… Read more »

How-To Prevent Windows Update from Auto-Restarting your PC

Here is how you can prevent Windows Update from Auto-Restarting your PC Windows is one of the world’s most abundantly used system softwares and is used across the globe, everywhere from homes to offices to servers. However, while it is widely popular and really powerful, it is not without its flaws. Recently, Microsoft decided to… Read more »

Find Your PC’s Model Name and Other Details in Windows

Here is how you can find out your PC’s Model Name, Specifications, Windows Version, OS Type, and Other Important Details When you’re buying a new PC, there is a whole ton of information you need to keep in mind, from the exact PC version to specifications like what processor it is running and how much… Read more »

How-To Clear Clipboard in Windows

Here are multiple ways you can clear the Clipboard in Windows The keyboard is primarily designed to allow a user to enter input in the form of alphabets or special characters, however, it also allows a user to have and use multiple keyboard shortcuts to move around content or windows on the screen or perform… Read more »

How-To Get the Latest Windows Updates

What is the Windows Insider Program and how can you join it to get the latest Windows Updates? Windows has come a long way and there have been some very big changes in how Microsoft introduces new iterations for the world’s most popular PC operating system. From introducing major version upgrades after every few years… Read more »