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Learn Useful Windows Shortcuts

Here are some useful Windows Shortcuts that you should Learn Have you ever looked at people and been left in awe by their wizardry on the keyboard? These people do not need a mouse or touchpad or a touchscreen. Just by the agility and swiftness of their fingers, they dance around the keyboard and cover… Read more »

Connect HD box display on your Windows 11 laptop

Here is how you can connect HD box display on your Windows 11 laptop Is your HD box connected to your Television? Is your favorite team playing at the same time at which your family is binge watching their favorite show? Instead of logging in and searching for various streaming services online. Connect your HD… Read more »

Solve Performance Issues in your Windows device

How-To Solve Performance Issues in your Windows device How to solve Performance issues like when Users may experience slow performance or other performance issues with their Microsoft products and may need help optimizing their systems for better performance There are several steps you can take to try and improve the performance of your Microsoft products:… Read more »

Comparing Windows 10 & Windows 11

  At the very surface, a next-generation update seems to be the better option, right? But if you’re interested in figuring out the upgrade’s value, should you choose to make it, read through this article to get thoroughly explained specifics. Each significant change in the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows will be discussed in… Read more »

Screen Record in Windows with Xbox Game Bar

Xbox Game Bar: Screen Recording Made Easy Saving your best in-game moments, recording a short tutorial or presentation, or maintaining an offline copy of an online class: the screen recording feature comes in handy for all these scenarios. Numerous third-party applications allow screen recording for your desktop computer. But if you happen to be a… Read more »

Secure your Windows Device with Smart App Control

Here is how you can Secure your Windows Device with Smart App Control Microsoft has provided updates that ensure a secure environment for its users. These updates are specified to ensure that a user never installs or downloads files unsafe for the system. Due to the easy availability of cracked versions of applications, many users,… Read more »

Multitasking with Windows

How-To Multitask with Windows   Computers have traditionally been heavily linked with efficiency. Any device that attains efficiency is classified as a computer. The toaster in your kitchen that helps you make your breakfast every day is a computer since it enables you to achieve efficiency in your workflow. While you are getting ready, the… Read more »