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Download Flutter on Windows

Here is how you can Download and Set up Flutter on Windows In pursuit of developing stunning applications that can run faultlessly on multiple platforms, even with a single codebase, Flutter might be worth checking out. This exceptional framework enables cross-platform app building across mobile, web, and desktop using the Dart programming language. Here, we… Read more »

Download Windows 11 Preview

How to Download the Windows 11 Preview After years of waiting, Microsoft has finally announced the much-anticipated update to its PC operating system, Windows 11. It comes with a major facelift and brings a ton of new features. It is also a free upgrade, but with a catch, it isn’t available for all Windows PCs.… Read more »

Check If Your PC Supports Windows 11

How-to Check If Your PC Supports Windows 11 Nearly 6 years after releasing the last major version of Windows, Microsoft finally lifted the curtains from the latest iteration of its PC operating system – Windows 11. It comes with a major facelift, opting for transparency, a redesign start menu (again), and a host of other… Read more »

Install Connect App for Wireless Display

Here is how you can Wirelessly Project your Screen using the new Connect app on Windows One of the great benefits of having a laptop is also a disadvantage; at the cost of portability, you are losing the screen real estate that a PC with a display can bring. However, we can easily rectify that… Read more »

Download Netflix Movies and Shows on Windows

Here is How You Can Download Netflix Movies and Shows on Windows The year is 2020 and streaming apps are all around us, be it Netflix or Disney+, Amazon’s Prime Video or, the half a dozen other apps that have recently entered the market. Netflix, the original streaming giant, is still one of the most… Read more »