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Connect HD box display on your Windows 11 laptop

Here is how you can connect HD box display on your Windows 11 laptop Is your HD box connected to your Television? Is your favorite team playing at the same time at which your family is binge watching their favorite show? Instead of logging in and searching for various streaming services online. Connect your HD… Read more »

Connect to Printer in a Shared Grouped

How to Connect Your PC to a Printer in a Shared Grouped Windows has improved its handling of networked printers significantly over time. However, if you wish to distribute a printer across the network, you might need to do some additional labor to get everything set up. There are two steps to establishing a printer… Read more »

Install Connect App for Wireless Display

Here is how you can Wirelessly Project your Screen using the new Connect app on Windows One of the great benefits of having a laptop is also a disadvantage; at the cost of portability, you are losing the screen real estate that a PC with a display can bring. However, we can easily rectify that… Read more »

How-To Connect a Printer to Windows

Here is how you can Connect a Printer to your Windows Machine Windows is a general-purpose operating system and has a ton of built-in utilities and tools to allow you to perform almost any task you want to perform from a personal computer. Most hardware devices like mouse, keyboards, printers, etc. are designed to work… Read more »