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Keep your PC From Sleeping

Here is how you can Use Windows PowerToys to Keep Your PC From Sleeping Modern Operating Systems are designed to be self-service, to manage their applications, memory, and battery, themselves, and to let you focus on your own work while they manage the rest. This self-service mechanism comes with a lot of pros; saving you… Read more »

Use On-Screen Keyboard in Windows

Here is how you can Enable the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows When the smartphone-inspired, touch-interface mania came over Windows, Microsoft also decided to get in the craze with Windows 8, completely revamping Windows to be touch-friendly. While that didn’t pay off, it did introduce several features from touch machines over to Windows, including the addition… Read more »

Quickly Take Screenshots in Windows

How-To Take a Quick Screenshot From Anywhere in Windows with Snip & Sketch One of the advantages of having a full-featured, customizable operating system like Windows is the abundance of freely available third-party apps as well as a ton of useful, built-in utilities, that make daily work and basic tasks much easier. It is one… Read more »

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Multiple Screens in Windows

Here is how you can use keyboard shortcuts to make your Multi-Screen experience in Windows Better Desktop operating systems are much more versatile than mobile operating systems, and are designed to be more general-purpose as well, with support for a host of different devices and ports. If your device supports it, you can hook it… Read more »