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Learn Useful Windows Shortcuts

Here are some useful Windows Shortcuts that you should Learn Have you ever looked at people and been left in awe by their wizardry on the keyboard? These people do not need a mouse or touchpad or a touchscreen. Just by the agility and swiftness of their fingers, they dance around the keyboard and cover… Read more »

Quickly Take Screenshots in Windows

How-To Take a Quick Screenshot From Anywhere in Windows with Snip & Sketch One of the advantages of having a full-featured, customizable operating system like Windows is the abundance of freely available third-party apps as well as a ton of useful, built-in utilities, that make daily work and basic tasks much easier. It is one… Read more »

Shut down your PC with one Click

Here is how you can make a Desktop icon for Shut Down in Windows Windows uses an intuitive graphical user interface, allowing the users to interact with electronic devices through icons and windows on the screen, which can be moved around, clicked, or tapped. It is a much more human-way of interaction with a computer,… Read more »

Make your own Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is how you can make your own Windows Keyboard Shortcuts This is the era of smartphones and touch screens. Everything, be it smart refrigerators or smart TV remotes, is moving towards using a touch screen for input. Why a touch screen? Well because a touch screen can take multiple forms of input – be… Read more »