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Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

Comparing Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in an AIR World – Which is Better? We have currently witnessed Microsoft being heavily invested in repositioning its brand as the best browser in the market. Initially, due to their dominance, they exploited the market and stayed content with a redundant Internet explorer. Forcing it on people, decorated… Read more »

Installing Chrome OS Flex on Windows

Here is how you can Install Chrome OS Flex on Windows Google’s Chrome has built a reputation as the everything browser, and the technology behind it has now become the gold standard for most browsers available for consumers today. While originally built to surf the internet, it is now used from anything from playing games… Read more »

Alternatives to Windows apps

Here are some Great Battery-Saving Alternatives to Windows Apps Does it ever frustrate you to watch your battery drain in no time? Especially, when there are no charging ports around you? We will be laying out alternatives to battery-hungry applications and a few tips to optimize battery usage. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is the default… Read more »

Install Chrome OS on Windows

Here is how you can install Chrome OS on Windows Chrome OS is a lightweight, browser-focused operating system designed by Google, inspired by its industry-leading Chrome browser. It is made for Chromebooks, which are usually budget laptops with less processing power required since they don’t have to run a full-fledged operating system. Google pitches Chromebooks… Read more »

Use Tab Search in Chrome on Windows

Here is how you can Supercharge your Tab Switching Using Tab Search in Chrome One of the things that make a PC a better work machine than other smart devices like tablets and phones is their ability to multitask, seamlessly switching between different apps, tabs, etc. Google and Apple have tried to make their smartphone… Read more »

Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito

Here is how you can Enable Chrome Extensions to work in Incognito Mode The internet is full of ads. While some are harmless ads based on the content you are seeing, others are not so innocent, tracking your every move across different sites and using all that data to serve you highly personalized ads. For… Read more »

Use Chrome Actions in Windows

Here is how you can use Chrome Actions in Windows for quick Chrome Tasks Microsoft may be amazing at making an operating system or its Office suite of productivity software but one area that it has always lagged in is the browser market. Once a king of the global browser share with Internet Explorer, Microsoft… Read more »

Best Alternatives to Windows Apps

Here are the 5 best alternatives to Windows Apps Windows undoubtedly remains one of the best Operating Systems on the planet. All the applications are practical, compact, speedy and swift in terms of usage and application. Although the original applications on Windows are so good, sometimes a little change would be appreciative. With that being… Read more »

How to Set a Default Program for Opening a File

Here is how you can set Default Programs for opening Each File Type in Windows Windows has its own way of identifying the function and purpose of each file. Unlike Linux, which uses separate bits (fields) to store information about a file’s purpose, like if it’s an executable or not, Microsoft uses a file’s extension… Read more »

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Multiple Screens in Windows

Here is how you can use keyboard shortcuts to make your Multi-Screen experience in Windows Better Desktop operating systems are much more versatile than mobile operating systems, and are designed to be more general-purpose as well, with support for a host of different devices and ports. If your device supports it, you can hook it… Read more »