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Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

Comparing Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in an AIR World – Which is Better? We have currently witnessed Microsoft being heavily invested in repositioning its brand as the best browser in the market. Initially, due to their dominance, they exploited the market and stayed content with a redundant Internet explorer. Forcing it on people, decorated… Read more »

Use the new Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

Edge gets a further “Edge” over competitors: Here is how to use the new Sidebar in Edge Microsoft Edge has recently launched its latest update, which has surprised many users. Before this, there would be several occasions when Microsoft Edge asked the users to update their browsers. But these updates did not bring many apparent… Read more »

Control Smartphone through your Windows browser

How-To use your smartphone from any browser in Window In today’s world where there’s an app for everything, a lot of our daily work and routine involves using applications on our smartphone. Our smartphones have become a major part of our daily lives, including our work routines as well as home routines. From taking pictures and… Read more »