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How to stop seeing targeted ads on your Windows PC

To track users across different apps, Microsoft uses an ID to uniquely identify each user. This ID is used to collect data about users so that they can be shown personalized ads by advertisers. You may see these Ads on the start menu, the action center, the lock screen, or on Bing( Microsoft’s search engine).… Read more »

Enable Chrome Extensions in Incognito

Here is how you can Enable Chrome Extensions to work in Incognito Mode The internet is full of ads. While some are harmless ads based on the content you are seeing, others are not so innocent, tracking your every move across different sites and using all that data to serve you highly personalized ads. For… Read more »

Disable Your Laptop’s Keyboard

How to Disable Your Laptop’s Keyboard We expect our portable devices to last a long time, and especially our work machines. While most modern devices like smartphones and tablets rely on a touch screen for all input and output purposes, our laptops rely on a more physical, mechanical way of interaction. While this may be… Read more »

How-To Prevent Windows Update from Auto-Restarting your PC

Here is how you can prevent Windows Update from Auto-Restarting your PC Windows is one of the world’s most abundantly used system softwares and is used across the globe, everywhere from homes to offices to servers. However, while it is widely popular and really powerful, it is not without its flaws. Recently, Microsoft decided to… Read more »

Here is how you can Disable your laptop’s Keyboard

Laptop keyboard acting funny? Here is how you can disable it and use a USB Keyboard In this modern world where processor size keeps getting smaller and smaller and the battery performance also keeps climbing, we are seeing the adoption of portable devices. Desktop computers are slowly going out of fashion in favor of small,… Read more »