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Make your own Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is how you can make your own Windows Keyboard Shortcuts This is the era of smartphones and touch screens. Everything, be it smart refrigerators or smart TV remotes, is moving towards using a touch screen for input. Why a touch screen? Well because a touch screen can take multiple forms of input – be… Read more »

How-To See Saved WiFi Passwords

Hers is how you can see your Saved Wifi Passwords in Windows One of the biggest trends in technology in the 21st century has been the move from wired to wireless. From using Bluetooth to transfer files wirelessly to expecting a WiFi connection wherever you go, life with smartphone devices has become incredibly easier. However,… Read more »

Here is how you can Disable your laptop’s Keyboard

Laptop keyboard acting funny? Here is how you can disable it and use a USB Keyboard In this modern world where processor size keeps getting smaller and smaller and the battery performance also keeps climbing, we are seeing the adoption of portable devices. Desktop computers are slowly going out of fashion in favor of small,… Read more »

Transfer your Windows License to another computer

Here is how you can transfer your Windows License from One Computer to Another Microsoft’s most lucrative product offering, Windows, is a pricey operating system. Unlike Apple, Microsoft decided to go the other way with Windows by licensing its operating system to other PC manufacturers instead of making its computer itself. However, unlike Google’s way… Read more »