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Choose the Best Microsoft Surface Device in 2023

How to Choose the Best Surface Device for Yourself in 2023? Microsoft’s Surface products have constantly pushed beyond what a Windows PC can be capable of. These devices have revolutionized the laptop, tablet, and hybrid markets, starting with the ground-breaking Surface Pro and continuing with the flexible Surface Book. Whether you’re a professional looking for… Read more »

Disable Your Laptop’s Keyboard

How to Disable Your Laptop’s Keyboard We expect our portable devices to last a long time, and especially our work machines. While most modern devices like smartphones and tablets rely on a touch screen for all input and output purposes, our laptops rely on a more physical, mechanical way of interaction. While this may be… Read more »

Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU in Windows

Here is how you can enable Hardware Accelerated GPU in Windows 10 Windows has come a long way since its introduction. In today’s world, it is used for everything from light usage tasks like daily office work, managing documents, light browsing and watching videos to graphics-intensive tasks like rendering incredibly GPU-intensive videos or gaming. Over… Read more »