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Learn Useful Windows Shortcuts

Here are some useful Windows Shortcuts that you should Learn Have you ever looked at people and been left in awe by their wizardry on the keyboard? These people do not need a mouse or touchpad or a touchscreen. Just by the agility and swiftness of their fingers, they dance around the keyboard and cover… Read more »

How-To Screenshot with One Key Click in Windows

Here is how you can take a Screenshot with One Key Click in Windows One of the advantages of having a full-featured, customizable operating system like Windows is the abundance of freely available third-party apps as well as a ton of useful, built-in utilities, that make daily work and basic tasks much easier. It is… Read more »

Change Your Mouse and Cursor Settings in Windows

Here is how you can change your mouse pointer in Windows Windows has a pretty intuitive Graphical User Interface. It makes use of both the primary input devices in Windows, the keyboard as well as the mouse (or the trackpad). Most power users prefer a keyboard for most tasks, preferring its robustness and quickness to… Read more »

How-To Right-Click Using Your Keyboard

Here is how you can Right-Click something in Windows using just your keyboard The Windows GUI has come a long way and has introduced several amazing innovative ideas that have shaped the way we used a computer. From the window-ed environment to the iconic Start button (which has also evolved with each version of Windows)… Read more »