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Make your own Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is how you can make your own Windows Keyboard Shortcuts This is the era of smartphones and touch screens. Everything, be it smart refrigerators or smart TV remotes, is moving towards using a touch screen for input. Why a touch screen? Well because a touch screen can take multiple forms of input – be… Read more »

Using Keyboard Shortcuts for Multiple Screens in Windows

Here is how you can use keyboard shortcuts to make your Multi-Screen experience in Windows Better Desktop operating systems are much more versatile than mobile operating systems, and are designed to be more general-purpose as well, with support for a host of different devices and ports. If your device supports it, you can hook it… Read more »

Here is how you can Disable your laptop’s Keyboard

Laptop keyboard acting funny? Here is how you can disable it and use a USB Keyboard In this modern world where processor size keeps getting smaller and smaller and the battery performance also keeps climbing, we are seeing the adoption of portable devices. Desktop computers are slowly going out of fashion in favor of small,… Read more »

Be a Pro at Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

The ultimate guide to up your Windows skills with Keyboard Shortcuts Windows has been designed as a general-purpose operating system, aimed at the average user as well as power users who want to speed up every task as much as possible. For power users, it is necessary to cut down the time spent on mundane… Read more »