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Install Microsoft’s New ‘winget’ Package Manager

Here is how you can install Microsoft’s Latest ‘winget’ Package Manager Over the years, the way that we install software on our computers has gone through numerous iterations. At the start, we had to rely on Floppy disks and, later on, CDs which came with installation wizards to install softwares on our PCs. As internet… Read more »

Save all the Pictures from a Office Document in one Click

Here is how you can save all the Attachments from an Office Document in one click Microsoft is not only the maker of the world’s most popular operating system but it also makes some amazingly useful and productive softwares, especially its Office suite of applications. They are some of the world’s most abundantly used productivity… Read more »

How to Install or Uninstall Services in Windows

Here is how you can Install or Uninstall Services in Windows using Command Prompt Windows, being a general-purpose operating system, provides a host of different APIs for implementing your programs as you see ideal. In Windows NT operating systems, Microsoft has introduced an API called a¬†Windows Service. This API allows any application that to register… Read more »

Find and Remotely Lock your Windows Devices

Here’s how you can find your Windows Laptop or Remotely Lock It Just like every Android phone is tied down to a Google account, every iPhone is synced to Apple’s iCloud account ecosystem. This allows you to use several devices with the same account, tracking them all through a central hub, making it easy to… Read more »