Mastering Power Automate: Building an End-to-End Workflow for Data Automation

In our previous articles we have covered features of Microsoft’s low code platform “Power Automate”. In this article we will be covering a basic end-to-end design for a flow on Power Automate.

We will be taking the following example. Where we must automate input data on a google form and have to copy this data from Excel.

This is the data:


We must input this on this google form:


This form requires filling all the data from the excel file.

Now that we have gotten well versed on the task. We will start working on Power Automate.

Getting Started

First step is to open Power Automate and click on the “New Flow” button:


Give it a name according to your preference, we will name it as “Demo”:


As soon as you click on “Create” it will redirect you to the “My flows” page:


Double click on your flow to edit and it will allow you to edit your flow according to your preference:

Now all actions added in this flow will be performed by Power Automate automatically.

Setting Variables:

Just like any other coding assignment, we will start by assigning two variables:

  1. Firstly, one for the PATH of the excel file.
  2. Secondly the link of the google form.

This will be done by searching for “Set variable” on the left panels search box under actions:


Drag and drop the “Set variable” action and it will prompt you by asking the variable name and the value of the variable:



Save it and now you can use this “Path” anywhere in your flow.

We will do same for the google form: