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Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome

Comparing Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome in an AIR World – Which is Better? We have currently witnessed Microsoft being heavily invested in repositioning its brand as the best browser in the market. Initially, due to their dominance, they exploited the market and stayed content with a redundant Internet explorer. Forcing it on people, decorated… Read more »

Alternatives to Windows apps

Here are some Great Battery-Saving Alternatives to Windows Apps Does it ever frustrate you to watch your battery drain in no time? Especially, when there are no charging ports around you? We will be laying out alternatives to battery-hungry applications and a few tips to optimize battery usage. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is the default… Read more »

7 Tips to Make your PC Power Efficient

X Tips is how you can make your PC Power Efficient Over the past few decades, our laptops have gotten exponentially powerful, with processing power nearly doubling every two years (Moore’s Law). However, the battery technology, which still relies on Lithium, hasn’t grown at the same pace. Thus, our portable machines are immensely powerful yet… Read more »

Get a Power Efficiency Report

Here is how you can get a complete Power Efficiency Report in Windows Over the past few years, computing has made enormous strides. What was only possible for supercomputers only a few decades ago, can now be done with a smartphone. However, one caveat to this has been that battery technology hasn’t grown at the… Read more »

Find Battery Draining Apps on Windows

Here is how you can Find Out which App is draining your battery on Windows Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on a dense integrated circuit doubles almost every two years, thus almost doubling computer performance every two years and pushing the limits of computing every year. However, not only have our computers… Read more »

Optimize Windows 10 For Battery

Here is how you can optimize Windows 10  for Battery Desktop computers are slowly going out of fashion in favor of small, ultra-sleek, ultra-portable laptops, which not only last a good long day but are also easy to throw in a backpack and just carry around. However, the rate at which battery technology is improving,… Read more »

Make Chrome more Memory-Efficient on Windows

How to make Google Chrome on Windows take up less Memory by suspending Tabs The year is 2019 and unless you use Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System, the only real choice for getting the fastest, and basically the overall best, browser for a desktop Operating System is Google’s Chrome web browser. Even most OS… Read more »