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Remove Reserved Space on Windows 10

Here is how you can remove Reserved Space on Window 10 Since after the May 2019 update release, Windows 10 will reserve about 7 GB of your device’s storage for updates and optional files. This will ensure easy installation of updates in the future—but you can recover that space if you want, even though Microsoft recommends… Read more »

How-To Save Hard Drive Space in Windows

Hard Drive Full? Here’s How to Save Space in Windows 10 In the replacement of large but slow mechanical hard disk drives of the previous decade, many laptop companies have started rolling out Solid State Drives (SSDs) and internal eMMC storage units instead of the traditional Hadiths SSD are 10 times faster than the conventional… Read more »

Make Chrome more Memory-Efficient on Windows

How to make Google Chrome on Windows take up less Memory by suspending Tabs The year is 2019 and unless you use Apple’s Mac OS X Operating System, the only real choice for getting the fastest, and basically the overall best, browser for a desktop Operating System is Google’s Chrome web browser. Even most OS… Read more »