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Fix Uninstall error on Windows

How-To Fix Common¬†Uninstall errors on Windows Uninstalling files and applications is a norm; often, users find some applications redundant; hence feel free to uninstall them. Delete Files The process of uninstalling files is simple. Go to the file explorer and find the file you wish to delete. Click on it or right-click on it. And… Read more »

Secure your Windows Device with Smart App Control

Here is how you can Secure your Windows Device with Smart App Control Microsoft has provided updates that ensure a secure environment for its users. These updates are specified to ensure that a user never installs or downloads files unsafe for the system. Due to the easy availability of cracked versions of applications, many users,… Read more »

Edit Videos on Windows

Clipchamp-an inbox app for Windows 11 Are you a Windows 11 user looking for video editing software? We have got you covered. With the recent boom in content creation, everyone is looking for easy-to-use video editing software that allows them to brush down their content as creatively and efficiently as possible. There are two types… Read more »

Uninstall a Program on Windows Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can Uninstall a Program on Windows Using the Command Prompt Here at ExeFiles, we are big fans of everything that can be done with a few lines of text i.e. through a Command Line Interface. Over the years, we have covered numerous guides on how you can streamline your complete workflow… Read more »

Download Netflix Movies and Shows on Windows

Here is How You Can Download Netflix Movies and Shows on Windows The year is 2020 and streaming apps are all around us, be it Netflix or Disney+, Amazon’s Prime Video or, the half a dozen other apps that have recently entered the market. Netflix, the original streaming giant, is still one of the most… Read more »

Run an Application as Administrator

Here is how you run an Application as an Administrator in Windows Windows is designed to be a multi-user operating system. It has a pretty robust built-in user management system that allows the user of multiple users with different levels of privileges and permissions, allowing the system owner to specify and set these permissions. There… Read more »

Best Alternatives to Windows Apps

Here are the 5 best alternatives to Windows Apps Windows undoubtedly remains one of the best Operating Systems on the planet. All the applications are practical, compact, speedy and swift in terms of usage and application. Although the original applications on Windows are so good, sometimes a little change would be appreciative. With that being… Read more »

Recover Deleted Sticky Notes in Windows

Deleted a Sticky Notes? Here is how you can recover them in Windows Windows has undergone many revisions and design changes over the period of its existence. Now, the most dominant operating system for PCs all over the globe, it is one of the most advanced GUI operating systems available for the general public and… Read more »