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Change volume or brightness using Command Prompt

How to change the volume or brightness of your Windows Machine Using Command Prompt Inside the Command Prompt panel, a command prompt is an input location for entering computer instructions. You may accomplish things on your pc without utilizing the Windows graphic user interface by entering instructions at the command prompt. The following are some… Read more »

Uninstall a Program on Windows Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can Uninstall a Program on Windows Using the Command Prompt Here at ExeFiles, we are big fans of everything that can be done with a few lines of text i.e. through a Command Line Interface. Over the years, we have covered numerous guides on how you can streamline your complete workflow… Read more »

Change File Attributes Using Command Line

Here is how you can Change a File Attribute in Windows Using Command Line A file system is a core part of every operating system today. While most modern file systems come equipped with basic features like copying or moving files, storing file sizes, supporting mounting drives, etc. there are still some fundamental differences in… Read more »

Format a Drive in Windows Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can format a Drive in Windows Using Command Prompt Operating Systems have come a long way since the original text-based Command Line interfaces that required a strong command on syntax logic as well as a basic understanding of how components work. Windows is a user-friendly user system that has been designed… Read more »

Using Find to Search in a Command Prompt Output

The Windows Command Prompt is a Command-Line Interface that allows you to access and configure Windows settings and details by using just the keyboard. As such, it has a ton of text-based utilities built right into it. In the past, we have covered several of basic Command Prompt commands that every user should know¬†along with… Read more »

Compare Multiple Files in Windows

Here is how you can compare multiple files in Windows to see their Differences using Command Prompt One of the advantages of having a PC is the ability to have a ton of first-party as well as third-party utilities that can integrate directly with your operator system. Moreover, you can also design your own little… Read more »

Use Winget to Install Softwares

Here is how you can use Microsoft’s new Package Manager ‘Winget’ to install Software in Windows Microsoft has its very own Windows Store based on the same idea – a central hub for all your Windows applications. It was introduced in 2012 and has improved considerably, now also being the source of updates for many… Read more »

Change the default Command Prompt Directory

Here is how you can change the default directory for the Windows Command Prompt The Windows Command Prompt is the preferred Command-Line Interface for all Windows users. Although Microsoft introduced the PowerShell quite a while ago, the Command Prompt has still stuck around as the primary CLI for many hardcore users. However, one problem with… Read more »

How-To Add or Edit System PATH Variable

Here is how you can Add or Edit the System PATH Variable in Windows Windows is primarily a GUI operating system but it wasn’t always like this. It started as a command-line interface where everything was done using text commands. However, to make it easier and more efficient, there are a ton of nifty tricks… Read more »