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Compare Multiple Files in Windows

Here is how you can compare multiple files in Windows to see their Differences using Command Prompt One of the advantages of having a PC is the ability to have a ton of first-party as well as third-party utilities that can integrate directly with your operator system. Moreover, you can also design your own little… Read more »

How-To Clear Clipboard in Windows

Here are multiple ways you can clear the Clipboard in Windows The keyboard is primarily designed to allow a user to enter input in the form of alphabets or special characters, however, it also allows a user to have and use multiple keyboard shortcuts to move around content or windows on the screen or perform… Read more »

How-To Get the New Windows Terminal

Here is how you can get Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal on your PC Right Now Over the years, Microsoft has made incremental but very slight changes to the primary command-line terminal in Windows, the Command Prompt. Initially developed for Windows NT, the Command Prompt or cmd.exe has been around for a very long time and has been the favorite command-line interface… Read more »