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How-to manage files on Windows

How-to manage files on Windows: New Era of File Handling Over the years, the concept of File Handling has evolved. We have seen File Handling as an essential element in data preservation. Historically, various accounts have been documented in copies of literature to ensure a record of these events. But due to industrialization, businesses were… Read more »

Access a Shared File on the same Network

Here is how you can Access a Shared file on Windows on the same Network One of the most popular trends of the 21st century has been the move to wireless. Technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, Wireless Charging have quickly annihilated the need for wires, allowing us to share, connect, and even charge our devices without… Read more »

Share files over Ethernet/LAN

How to share files over Ethernet/LAN Nowadays wifi speed has increased drastically, and small pen drives with large storage are also available to us yet sometimes sharing files of excessively large size can become a hassle to share between multiple PCs, sometimes the connections get disconnected which disrupts the file sharing service or you would… Read more »

How-To Restore Files from File History

Have you ever regretted making changes to a file? Making changes to the extent that you could not “Ctrl+Z” your way up to the previous version? If yes, Windows provides just the right feature to cater to this problem. First, you will have to set up the “file history restore” feature. The following steps will… Read more »

Hide Files from the Windows Directory

Here is how you can Hide Files from the Windows Directory Windows comes with a robust User management system that allows you to create different users and give different access rights to each of them. This means that you can easily separate files and applications for each user and not have anyone else poking around… Read more »

Recover Deleted Files with Windows File Recovery

Here is how you can use Microsoft’s Windows File Recovery to recover any Deleted Files One of the most commonly occurring issues we have with our PCs is losing important files accidentally. Although Windows does with a Recycle Bin to give you one last chance of saving your file before you permanently delete it off… Read more »