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Change the Color of Command Prompt

Changing Text and Background Color of Command Prompt Windows may have a great, user-friendly Graphical User Interface, but some people just like to do things the old school way – using the old command-line interface. Windows also has two different command-line utilities now, the Windows PowerShell and the Windows Command Prompt. Microsoft even introduced a… Read more »

Using ASSOC Command to Modify File Extension

Here is how you can use ASSOC Command to Modify a File Extension A file system is a core part of every operating system today. While most modern file systems come equipped with basic features like copying or moving files, storing file sizes, supporting mounting drives, etc. there are still some fundamental differences in the… Read more »

How-To Trace Route in Windows

Here is how you can Perform a Trace Route (Tracert) in Windows Windows is one of the most advanced general-purpose operating systems designed for PCs. While Windows never really took off in smartphones or tablets, it did make its way to become the most used PC operating system, be it in workplaces or homes. Thanks… Read more »

How-To Get the New Windows Terminal

Here is how you can get Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal on your PC Right Now Over the years, Microsoft has made incremental but very slight changes to the primary command-line terminal in Windows, the Command Prompt. Initially developed for Windows NT, the Command Prompt or cmd.exe has been around for a very long time and has been the favorite command-line interface… Read more »

How to Get Linux Shell

Here is how you can get the Linux Bash Shell in Windows An Operating System is a type of system software that becomes the foundation around which all other softwares are built. Since it allows other softwares to run on the system, it lays the groundwork and rules that every other system has to follow.… Read more »