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Fix Uninstall error on Windows

How-To Fix Common¬†Uninstall errors on Windows Uninstalling files and applications is a norm; often, users find some applications redundant; hence feel free to uninstall them. Delete Files The process of uninstalling files is simple. Go to the file explorer and find the file you wish to delete. Click on it or right-click on it. And… Read more »

Format a Drive in Windows Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can format a Drive in Windows Using Command Prompt Operating Systems have come a long way since the original text-based Command Line interfaces that required a strong command on syntax logic as well as a basic understanding of how components work. Windows is a user-friendly user system that has been designed… Read more »

Running CHKDSK On Windows To Fix Hard Drive Errors

Here is how you can run CHKDSK to check your Hard Drive for errors In the age of smartphones and tablets, most of our devices have moved on to Flash Storage or SSDs (Solid State Drives). This shift not only provide for blistering speeds but is also much more reliable than the previous format –… Read more »