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Using Find to Search in a Command Prompt Output

The Windows Command Prompt is a Command-Line Interface that allows you to access and configure Windows settings and details by using just the keyboard. As such, it has a ton of text-based utilities built right into it. In the past, we have covered several of basic Command Prompt commands that every user should know¬†along with… Read more »

Access Recently Used Files

Here is how you can get a list of the Most Recently Used Files in Windows Windows has an excellent file management system and the File Explorer has a ton of tricks and features along with a pretty intuitive Window-ed UI that makes the process of navigation pretty easy. However, when working around with tons… Read more »

Kill a Process Using Command Prompt

Here is how you can kill a process in Windows using a Command-Line Interface Operating systems started out as command-line interfaces, allowing a user to only interact with a computer using text. Just text. White text on a black screen. The modern operating system is an evolution and is light years ahead, in terms of… Read more »