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Install Microsoft’s New ‘winget’ Package Manager

Here is how you can install Microsoft’s Latest ‘winget’ Package Manager Over the years, the way that we install software on our computers has gone through numerous iterations. At the start, we had to rely on Floppy disks and, later on, CDs which came with installation wizards to install softwares on our PCs. As internet… Read more »

Change the default Command Prompt Directory

Here is how you can change the default directory for the Windows Command Prompt The Windows Command Prompt is the preferred Command-Line Interface for all Windows users. Although Microsoft introduced the PowerShell quite a while ago, the Command Prompt has still stuck around as the primary CLI for many hardcore users. However, one problem with… Read more »

How-To Run an Application as Administrator from the Run Box

Here is how you can quickly run an Application or a Command as Administrator from the Run Dialog Box Windows is designed to be a multi-user operating system. It has a pretty robust built-in user management system that allows the user of multiple users with different levels of privileges and permissions, allowing the system owner… Read more »

Open PowerShell or CommandPrompt from inside a Folder

Here is how you can open PowerShell or Windows Command Prompt from inside a Folder The Windows GUI may be intuitive and useful for the general user, allowing them to easily perform a task through the traditional click-and-point, window-ed graphical interface, but it also limits things for pro users, reducing the speed and efficiency with… Read more »