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Change a File Extension in Windows

Here is how you can change the File Extension of a File in Windows A file system is a core part of every operating system today. While most modern file systems come equipped with basic features like copying or moving files, storing file sizes, supporting mounting drives, etc. there are still some fundamental differences in… Read more »

Change the default Command Prompt Directory

Here is how you can change the default directory for the Windows Command Prompt The Windows Command Prompt is the preferred Command-Line Interface for all Windows users. Although Microsoft introduced the PowerShell quite a while ago, the Command Prompt has still stuck around as the primary CLI for many hardcore users. However, one problem with… Read more »

Best Alternatives to Windows Apps

Here are the 5 best alternatives to Windows Apps Windows undoubtedly remains one of the best Operating Systems on the planet. All the applications are practical, compact, speedy and swift in terms of usage and application. Although the original applications on Windows are so good, sometimes a little change would be appreciative. With that being… Read more »

How to Set a Default Program for Opening a File

Here is how you can set Default Programs for opening Each File Type in Windows Windows has its own way of identifying the function and purpose of each file. Unlike Linux, which uses separate bits (fields) to store information about a file’s purpose, like if it’s an executable or not, Microsoft uses a file’s extension… Read more »