Use an External Monitor with Laptop Lid Closed

Here is how you can close your Laptop’s Lid and Still Use it with an External Monitor

Gone are the days of bulky PCs. These days, everyone carries around a laptop. Even when you need for a big screen, you can always just plug in your laptop using HDMI or even wirelessly connect it to an external monitor. We already have a guide up on our site on how you can easily and effortlessly connect a Windows laptop to an external screen. Recently, we came across another nifty little trick – the ability to use your Laptop with an external monitor, even with your Laptop’s lid closed.

Normally, if you close your laptop’s lid, it defaults to going to sleep or hibernation and that’s what you normally expect it to do. But, if you are the type of person who wants to plug in their laptop to a screen, connect your own keyboard and mouse and then just use the external screen instead of your laptop, this guide is just for you.

Here’s how can do this,

  1. On the bottom-right of the taskbar, click on the Battery icon.
  2. Click on Power Options.
  3. Now, from the left pane, click on Choose what closing the lid does.
  4. Here, you will see two sets of dropdowns against the settings for When I close the lid, one for On battery and one for Plugged in, change both the dropdowns to Do nothing.

That’s it. Now, your laptop will not go to sleep, hibernate or shut down when you close the lid and allow you to simply use it with an external monitor in peace.