Share File on Windows Using WiFi

How to Share Files on Windows Using over a network using just WiFi One of the most popular trends of the 21st century has been the move to wireless. Technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, Wireless Charging have quickly annihilated the need for wires, allowing us to share, connect, and even charge our devices without any wires.… Read more »

Run Console-Level Games on Windows With Cloud Gaming

Here is how you can run Console-Level Games on Windows Using Cloud Gaming Tools For the past few decades, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have dominated the console gaming market, presenting them as the best gaming devices available to consumers. While Nintendo has targeted fun, family-friendly games, Sony and Microsoft have always been in a constant… Read more »

Fill PDF on Windows for Free

Here is how you can Fill a PDF on Windows for Free As the world moves more and more towards a digitization, PDFs have become the gold standards of storing and moving around documentation. What is a PDF? According to Wikipedia, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format developed by Adobe in 1992 to… Read more »

Switch from Insider to Stable Build

How to Switch from an Insider Build to a Stable Build of Windows Microsoft has a pretty good reputation of releasing a slew of Insider builds before every big Windows release. Most of the time, these Insider builds are buggy and have lots of issues, which are meant to be tested and fixed, and the… Read more »

Alternatives to Windows apps

Here are some Great Battery-Saving Alternatives to Windows Apps Does it ever frustrate you to watch your battery drain in no time? Especially, when there are no charging ports around you? We will be laying out alternatives to battery-hungry applications and a few tips to optimize battery usage. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge is the default… Read more »

Connect to Printer in a Shared Grouped

How to Connect Your PC to a Printer in a Shared Grouped Windows has improved its handling of networked printers significantly over time. However, if you wish to distribute a printer across the network, you might need to do some additional labor to get everything set up. There are two steps to establishing a printer… Read more »

Change volume or brightness using Command Prompt

How to change the volume or brightness of your Windows Machine Using Command Prompt Inside the Command Prompt panel, a command prompt is an input location for entering computer instructions. You may accomplish things on your pc without utilizing the Windows graphic user interface by entering instructions at the command prompt. The following are some… Read more »