Get Early Access to Bing’s ChatGPT Bot

How-to Get Early Access to Bing’s ChatGPT Bot Remember the frustrating days of Internet Explorer? In the early days of the Internet, Microsoft Internet Explorer was one of the most popular web browsers available. However, using it as a search engine could be incredibly frustrating. The search functionality was clunky and often returned irrelevant or… Read more »

Install Linux on Windows Using VMWare

Deploy Linux on VMware Player VMware is an emulator that allows you to create scenarios and work on networks simulation. Unlike normal simulators, an emulator can interact with real-life environments. We can make machines on this emulator and install operating systems of our choice on this machine. Now that we are well-versed in the basics… Read more »

Learn Useful Windows Shortcuts

Here are some useful Windows Shortcuts that you should Learn Have you ever looked at people and been left in awe by their wizardry on the keyboard? These people do not need a mouse or touchpad or a touchscreen. Just by the agility and swiftness of their fingers, they dance around the keyboard and cover… Read more »

Improve Memory Performance on Windows

Here is how you can increase RAM on your computer If you are using an older system with limited RAM, you may experience performance issues. Adding more RAM can improve the overall performance of your system. There are several ways to increase the amount of RAM on your computer: 1. Adding more RAM: You can… Read more »

Solve DNS Server Unavailable Issue

How to solve the problem “Your DNS server might be unavailable” While browsing, you might have faced a problem, where you are unable to reach the desired site despite correctly searching for it. This might also occur when you use a link to redirect the user to a page directly. The main issue is not… Read more »

How-To Use Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel

How to access and use Power Pivot in Microsoft Excel “Urgent hiring for Business analysts!!” “Requirements: needs to have expertise on Power Pivot.” These days, the demand for Business Analysts is increasing exponentially. And despite several alternatives that act as a tool for this profession, the most favored and widely used BA tool is Power Pivot.… Read more »

Connect HD box display on your Windows 11 laptop

Here is how you can connect HD box display on your Windows 11 laptop Is your HD box connected to your Television? Is your favorite team playing at the same time at which your family is binge watching their favorite show? Instead of logging in and searching for various streaming services online. Connect your HD… Read more »