Use On-Screen Keyboard in Windows

Here is how you can Enable the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows When the smartphone-inspired, touch-interface mania came over Windows, Microsoft also decided to get in the craze with Windows 8, completely revamping Windows to be touch-friendly. While that didn’t pay off, it did introduce several features from touch machines over to Windows, including the addition… Read more »

Turn on AutoSave for Microsoft Office

Here is how to Turn On AutoSave for Microsoft Office One of the most frustrating things about working on a PC is, remembering to save your work. If you don’t remember to save, you can very well end up losing your precious work that you spent hours or even days working on. It can be… Read more »

Recover Unsaved Documents Using MS Word

Here is how you can Recover Unsaved Documents using Microsoft Word We have all been there – typed hundreds of words and spent countless hours only to lose the document. Sometimes it’s the computer’s fault where the program crashes before you save your document and sometimes, you forget to save it before closing the application.… Read more »

Extract Tabular Data from Web Using Excel

Here is how you can Extract Tabular Data from a Website Using Excel Microsoft’s Office suite of applications is one of the most popular PC software products of all time and can be found anywhere from offices to homes to schools and more. It’s not just a fluke – the Office suite is really useful,… Read more »

How-To Boot from USB

How-To Boot into an Operating System from a Bootable USB One of the biggest advantages of having a PC is the amount of tinkering you can do, playing with different kinds of software. What’s more, you can even install a completely new operating system. Over the past years, we have shared several guides on how… Read more »

View Clipboard History

How-To Access Clipboard History in Windows One of the most brilliant use case of the computer has also been some of the simplest – the copy/paste. Everyone who uses a computer, or even a phone, is aware of this feature – it’s just such a huge time-saver. Us humans lack this ability to instantly replicate… Read more »

Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB

How-To Create a Windows 11 Bootable USB  for Installation Microsoft provides several ways you can install a version of Windows on a PC. One of the easiest ways is to update your PC through Windows Update, which also allows you to sign-up for the Insider Program, giving you access to preview and beta builds of the… Read more »

Bypass Windows 11 Install Restrictions

Here is how you can Bypass the Windows 11 Installation Restrictions The latest major release of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System for consumer PCs, Windows 11 came as a brand new release late last year. It came as a free upgrade for all the PCs with a valid Windows 10 license and was available to download… Read more »