Extend Partition Size on Windows

How To Extend Partition Size on Windows For multiple reasons, you might want to partition your hard drive. Listed below are a few of them: You want to separate operating system files from personal files. This way if you want to reinstall Windows on your system, perhaps a new version, then you won’t have to… Read more »

Share files over Ethernet/LAN

How to share files over Ethernet/LAN Nowadays wifi speed has increased drastically, and small pen drives with large storage are also available to us yet sometimes sharing files of excessively large size can become a hassle to share between multiple PCs, sometimes the connections get disconnected which disrupts the file sharing service or you would… Read more »

Stop Driver Installation on Windows

How to Stop Driver Installation on Windows The technology that we use has been programmed to continuously upgrade and improve itself so that it can keep up with the fast-developing changes. One way that it does this is through the automatic installation and upgrading of drivers. Driver Installation on Windows A driver is a technology… Read more »

How-To Restore Files from File History

Have you ever regretted making changes to a file? Making changes to the extent that you could not “Ctrl+Z” your way up to the previous version? If yes, Windows provides just the right feature to cater to this problem. First, you will have to set up the “file history restore” feature. The following steps will… Read more »

Disable Lock Screen on Windows

Here is how you can Disable Lock Screen and Log in Straight to Desktop Windows is a general-purpose operating system, which means that you can tweak it and change it according to your exact needs. Windows machines are everywhere from offices to schools to libraries and almost everywhere you can imagine a PC can be.… Read more »