Make Windows 11 Look More Like Windows 10

Here is how you can make Windows 11 look more like Windows 10 for a smoother upgrade Change is difficult, but it is inevitable. After almost six years of dominance of Windows 10, Windows 2021 released its new version: Windows 11. There was immense hype and built-up to the release of the latest version of… Read more »

How-To Use Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio

Here is how you can use Microsoft’s SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) What is SQL? Structured Query Language, SQL is a programming language used to run and execute queries for a Database. A database is a large collection of related data, and queries are used by the database management system (DBMS), to ensure a smooth flow of… Read more »

How-to manage files on Windows

How-to manage files on Windows: New Era of File Handling Over the years, the concept of File Handling has evolved. We have seen File Handling as an essential element in data preservation. Historically, various accounts have been documented in copies of literature to ensure a record of these events. But due to industrialization, businesses were… Read more »

How to stop seeing targeted ads on your Windows PC

To track users across different apps, Microsoft uses an ID to uniquely identify each user. This ID is used to collect data about users so that they can be shown personalized ads by advertisers. You may see these Ads on the start menu, the action center, the lock screen, or on Bing( Microsoft’s search engine).… Read more »

Use the new Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

Edge gets a further “Edge” over competitors: Here is how to use the new Sidebar in Edge Microsoft Edge has recently launched its latest update, which has surprised many users. Before this, there would be several occasions when Microsoft Edge asked the users to update their browsers. But these updates did not bring many apparent… Read more »

Using Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge “Kids mode”  Kids these days have unavoidable access to the internet. Online exposure, irrespective of its disadvantages, has now become essential for kids. The post-COVID era has been an era of digitization, and we are now seeing several educational platforms ultimately shifting to an online mode of education. These new methods of… Read more »

Multitasking with Windows

How-To Multitask with Windows   Computers have traditionally been heavily linked with efficiency. Any device that attains efficiency is classified as a computer. The toaster in your kitchen that helps you make your breakfast every day is a computer since it enables you to achieve efficiency in your workflow. While you are getting ready, the… Read more »