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Make Windows 11 Look More Like Windows 10

Here is how you can make Windows 11 look more like Windows 10 for a smoother upgrade Change is difficult, but it is inevitable. After almost six years of dominance of Windows 10, Windows 2021 released its new version: Windows 11. There was immense hype and built-up to the release of the latest version of… Read more »

Quit an Unresponsive Application

Here is how you can Quit an Unresponsive or Stuck Application on Windows We have all been there. Stuck with an unresponsive application, waiting for it to start responding again. Even if you have the most powerful PC in the world, you would still experience the occasional hiccups when an app would just refuse to… Read more »

How-To Run a Cron Job in Windows from the Command Prompt

Here is how you can Run a Cron Job on Windows from the Command Prompt One of the advantages of having a PC over a mobile device like Android or iOS is the ability to really drill down and customize the PC to your liking. One of the biggest aspects of this customizability is access… Read more »

Kill Not Responding Apps from Task Manager

Here is how you can kill an App that is Not Responding using the Task Manager What makes a Windows computer great is the ability to download and use a ton of third-party softwares, in addition to the ones bundled by Microsoft. However, since there is a very wide range of available specs and hardware… Read more »

Automate Maintenance Tasks in Windows

Here is how you can automate maintenance tasks in Windows Windows has gone through a ton of iterations, improving itself at every update. But it also has grown substantially bigger to accommodate new technologies, growing more complex with every update. Each added feature comes with an added complexity and learning curve. With time, however, Windows… Read more »