Use a USB to Unlock your Windows PC

Here is how you can use a USB to Lock/Unlock your Windows PC Our smartphones have moved on to newer and more innovative ways of allowing you to sign in to your devices, like fingerprint sensors, face recognition, and even iris detection, in the case of Samsung. However, most of our PCs still rely on… Read more »

Bring back Remaining Battery Time Estimate

How-To bring back the Remaining Battery Time Estimate in Windows Windows is not known to be light on the battery usage and can easily eat up your battery within hours, leaving you running for the power chord in the middle of the day. While modern ultrabooks, thanks to amazing new advancements made by Intel in… Read more »

Disable annoying Windows Ads and Other Tips

Here is how you can disable lock screen ads, or bypass the lock screen in Windows Since Windows 8, Microsoft started to sneak advertisements and other annoyances into its Operating System. While some people do not notice it, some people do find it extremely annoying. You may recall that millions of users received Windows 10… Read more »

Transfer your Windows License to another computer

Here is how you can transfer your Windows License from One Computer to Another Microsoft’s most lucrative product offering, Windows, is a pricey operating system. Unlike Apple, Microsoft decided to go the other way with Windows by licensing its operating system to other PC manufacturers instead of making its computer itself. However, unlike Google’s way… Read more »

How-To Save Hard Drive Space in Windows

Hard Drive Full? Here’s How to Save Space in Windows 10 In the replacement of large but slow mechanical hard disk drives of the previous decade, many laptop companies have started rolling out Solid State Drives (SSDs) and internal eMMC storage units instead of the traditional Hadiths SSD are 10 times faster than the conventional… Read more »

Perform a Clean Boot in Windows

How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows Windows 10 comes loaded with hundreds of processes and services integrated within the operating system designed to make all the processes and functions within it run smoothly. But sometimes when you install a 3rd party program or service, it may interfere with other pre-installed Windows services, which… Read more »

Make Windows Startup Faster

How to make Windows Startup faster by disabling Startup Delay Our modern devices like our smartphones and tablets are designed to stay on at all times, rarely requiring to be rebooted or turned off. Due to the mobile-optimized processors, they require little battery power to keep operating, and therefore it is okay to keep them… Read more »

Sync your Sticky Notes to Web and Android

Here is how you can access your Sticky Notes to the Web and Android Over the years, Microsoft has worked hard at making the dream of a true Microsoft ecosystem come true. Just like Apple has its own ecosystem, thanks to its Mac line of computers and iPhones, Microsoft has also tried really hard at… Read more »

Find and Remotely Lock your Windows Devices

Here’s how you can find your Windows Laptop or Remotely Lock It Just like every Android phone is tied down to a Google account, every iPhone is synced to Apple’s iCloud account ecosystem. This allows you to use several devices with the same account, tracking them all through a central hub, making it easy to… Read more »

Taking Screenshots in Windows

Here are 4 ways you can take a Screenshot in Windows Our mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are almost as powerful as our PCs, or in some cases, even more powerful! However, one important aspect of owning a PC, especially a Windows one, is that Windows is full of options to customize it exactly… Read more »