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Make your PC Better for Gaming

Here is how you can make your Windows PC Better for Gaming Microsoft has been continuously developing its operating system to make it the best system for gaming. Microsoft has been a clear winner for a long time regarding dominating the market. But before the release of Windows 11, some speculations questioned whether Windows was… Read more »

Run Console-Level Games on Windows With Cloud Gaming

Here is how you can run Console-Level Games on Windows Using Cloud Gaming Tools For the past few decades, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have dominated the console gaming market, presenting them as the best gaming devices available to consumers. While Nintendo has targeted fun, family-friendly games, Sony and Microsoft have always been in a constant… Read more »

Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU in Windows

Here is how you can enable Hardware Accelerated GPU in Windows 10 Windows has come a long way since its introduction. In today’s world, it is used for everything from light usage tasks like daily office work, managing documents, light browsing and watching videos to graphics-intensive tasks like rendering incredibly GPU-intensive videos or gaming. Over… Read more »