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Extend Partition Size on Windows

How To Extend Partition Size on Windows For multiple reasons, you might want to partition your hard drive. Listed below are a few of them: You want to separate operating system files from personal files. This way if you want to reinstall Windows on your system, perhaps a new version, then you won’t have to… Read more »

Increase Your C Drive in Windows

How-To Increase the Size of your C Drive in Windows We have all been there, stuck in a situation where one partition on your hard drive is filled to the brim while the other partition is still free for GBs of spaces. Usually, it is the C Drive, the default drive Windows uses for the… Read more »

How-To Format a Drive in Windows

Here is how you can Format a Drive in Windows Operating Systems have come a long way since the original text-based Command Line interfaces that required a strong command on syntax logic as well as a basic understanding of how components work. Windows is a user-friendly user system that has been designed with the common… Read more »