What are Macromedia Flash Files?

Macromedia Flash Files, now known as Adobe Flash Files (Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005), are a file format used for authoring Macromedia / Adobe Flash applications. They can be used to store vector image data, audio, timelines to control animation playback, bitmapped video content, and include or reference ActionScript code. ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language used for developing websites and software that targets the Adobe Flash Player platform.

Currently, Flash is considered a deprecated file format, as software development is moving away from Adobe Flash in favor of other better technologies.

Popular Macromedia / Adobe Flash File Extensions

Macromedia Flash File Types

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SWF Files

Top Macromedia Flash File Extensions

File Extension Total Number of Files Oldest File (Date) Latest File (Date)
SWF 827 intro.swf
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