"F" File Extensions

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File Extension File Type Number of Associated Files Most Popular File
FAE Dynamic Link Library 190 OLNOTE.FAE
FDT Text 28 Hiring Requisition.fdt
FE Data 9 c1033.fe
FEED-MS Data 11 Reviews @ SiSoftware~.feed-ms
FEEDSDB-MS Data 3 FeedsStore.feedsdb-ms
FIL Dynamic Link Library 6 IlSdk.fil
FLT Dynamic Link Library 370 milesEq.flt
FMT Settings 31 plain.fmt
FNT Font 163 king_super_grotesk_offc_pro_medium.fnt
FON Font 1104 vga865.fon
FOT Font 43 Antqua.FOT
FPX Raster Image 1 MS.FPX
FRA Game 7 wbcache.fra
FRM Database 150 pma__history.frm
FT Settings 1594 Settings.ft
FTS System 6 BS9532.FTS
FX 3D Image 1575 GraphicEQFX.fx
FXH Game 14 ShadowMapDx9.fxh
FXO Vector Image 258 StreamOutGS_Bsd_gs.fxo
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