"T" File Extensions

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File Extension File Type Number of Associated Files Most Popular File
TABLE Game 3 sidubm.table
TARGETS Developer 84 Workflow.Targets
TASKS System 8 Microsoft.Common.Tasks
TBL Data 252 CNBJ2650.TBL
TBR Settings 4 Maml.tbr
TDAT Data 1 M1033Eva.TDAT
TDF Settings 124 Single Button_1.tdf
THEME System 76 Watercolor Blue.theme
THMX Settings 552 Apothecary.thmx
TIF Raster Image 254 OBJPreset.tif
TILE Raster Image 16 r3.tile
TLB Dynamic Link Library 824 coloader80.tlb
TME 3D Image 6 Def Accel Engine.tme
TMF Font 42 wbemprox.tmf
TMP Backup 15218 APPX.z9lpwwlnxsglvuk6me47ad8u.tmp
TNU Archive 2 M1033Eva.tbtdirection.TNU
TOC Audio 20 Segment4.toc
TON Data 3 M1033Eva.TON
TRE Data 5 L1033.TRE
TRM Database 1 wdl.trm
TSK Settings 27 Task0002.tsk
TSP Dynamic Link Library 45 remotesp.tsp
TTC Font 103 cambria.ttc
TTF Font 12573 vera-webfont.ttf
TTS Data 3 M1033DSK.TTS
TXT Text 26016 Spyware.txt
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