"S" File Extensions

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File Extension File Type Number of Associated Files Most Popular File
SAM Dynamic Link Library 123 lmhosts.sam
SAV Game 662 recidivism.sav
SCF Data 4 explorer.scf
SCH 1 FileScan.Quarantine.sch
SCHEMA Developer 45 microsoft.schema
SCM Plugin 153 translation-functions.scm
SCP Raster Image 16 gamestates.scp
SCR Executable Application 205 FieldLines.scr
SDB Database 749 sysmain64.sdb
SDF Database 64 FlashDisk.sdf
SDI Data 122 events_statement_117.sdi
SEARCH-MS Data 16 Recent Pictures and Videos.search-ms
SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS System 12 winrt--{S-1-5-21-1056139388-767778581-4050103571-1001}-.searchconnector-ms
SES Audio 47 Package_for_KB976932~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~
SETTING 3 PrivateTransportDataRemoved.setting
SETTINGCONTENT-MS System 604 AAA_SystemSettings_Privacy_EnableCollectionOfUrlsAppsUse.settingcontent-ms
SHP 3D Image 28 glslmd.shp
SHW Data 1 presenta.shw
SIG Text 415 AcTaskDialogs.dll.sig
SLL Developer 1 MSOWC.SLL
SMP Audio 62 Text Style Gallery.SMP
SPA Raster Image 376 collection-album.spa
SPD Encoded 7 ChtQuick.spd
SQL Database 468 Create Server Trigger 2008.sql
SQLITE Database 201 brain.sqlite
SQM 6 SqmSessionData-NoOptIn-MovieMaker-00.sqm
SRD Data 2 StateRepository-Deployment.srd
SRD-SHM Data 2 StateRepository-Machine.srd-shm
SRD-WAL Database 2 StateRepository-Deployment.srd-wal
SST Game 54 908b03c5e6556cdc3810d9ade23f36f2.sst
STL CAD 24 boot.stl
STORE Data 51 ChromeExtMalware.store
STP 3D Image 34 fr-fr.stp
SVE Game 3 wbdbase.sve
SWF Macromedia Flash 1149 Red Glow.swf
SWIDTAG Data 32 regid.1991-06.com.microsoft Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.swidtag
SYS Driver 5156 mspclock.sys
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