"R" File Extensions

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File Extension File Type Number of Associated Files Most Popular File
RAD Audio 3 M1033David.keyboard.RAD
RAM Audio 1 cmos.ram
RAT Data 9 rsaci.rat
RAW Camera Raw 101 STEVE2.RAW
RBF Dynamic Link Library 12 A0000031.rbf
RBS Backup 4 Events_CostDeferred.rbs
RDLC Developer 6 EmptyReport.rdlc
REG Registry 393 Install Softvoice Speech Engine.reg
RESJSON Data 149 resources.resjson
RESP GIS 1 viewedids.resp
RESW Developer 41 resources.resw
RLD Temporary 8 Maml.rld
RLL Dynamic Link Library 513 XPStar.RLL
ROM Data 54 v7vga.rom
RPO Developer 6 hpfst071.rpo
RS Dynamic Link Library 61 esrb.rs
RSP Data 36 vbc.rsp
RSRC Developer 8095 37.rsrc
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