About Us

EXEfiles.com was founded early in the days of the Internet as a software download resource for users worldwide. Back in 1999, we were one of the first “download portals” on the Web, offering Windows free software downloads, all carefully curated by our software editors for our users. Only the best Windows software would make it onto our portal, and we maintained many solid developer relationships helping to drive our success.

Starting as a Download Portal...

We successfully operated as a download portal for about the next ~20 years, serving millions of downloads to our users. As the Web changed over time, many Internet users started gravitating towards large, media-backed download sites such as Download.com, FileHippo, and Tucows. Smaller, established download portals such as EXEfiles had a hard time competing with the large media budgets of these companies, and as a consequence, many have shutdown over the years.

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Time to Adapt and Evolve

We refused to face the same fate as our competitors, and determined that it was time to make a change. Based on feedback from our users, we decided to shift our focused away from merely providing software downloads, to helping users have a better Windows computing experience. Today, EXEfiles is still a download portal, but we have changed our mission to provide our users with more value.

Providing Safe and Trusted Downloads

Over the years, we received a lot of requests for downloads of specific Windows (and other software) system files, such as DLLs, EXEs, SYS (device drivers), and numerous other related files. Historically these files were only offered on dangerous, malware-ridden, fly-by-night web sites that would cause more harm to the user’s computer, than help it. Thus, we embarked on a journey to compile the Web’s largest system file download resource, and provide 100% clean, malware-free downloads.

Today, you will find millions of system-critical files for download, from Microsoft Windows versions over the years (2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10), to popular applications such as Mozilla Firefox, Quickbooks, Adobe Acrobat, and hundreds of other popular software titles. If you have a missing or corrupt file on your computer, chances are, we have it available for download.

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Contact Us

As a customer-centric company, we encourage your feedback. If you need a file that is not listed on our website, or have any other questions or comments, we encourage you to contact us anytime; we’ll be happy to help.