"D" File Extensions

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File Extension File Type Number of Associated Files Most Popular File
DAT Dynamic Link Library 56619 us224_faders.dat
DATA Data 1140 lastnames.data
DB Database 17822 Antiphishing.db
DB-SHM 2139 56b8d12c32fa0812b029e9ec5cf7b6c5.db-shm
DB-WAL Database 1091 config.db-wal
DBF Database 81 ROFImagesTable.dbf
DBL System 5 wpa.dbl
DCP Developer 9479 Canon EOS M5 Adobe Standard.dcp
DCT Data 210 stat_Hindi.dct
DDS Raster Image 21055 plant_lp1_5350_7843.dds
DEFAULT Internet Web 74 extension.default
DEP Developer 7 Tx4ole20.dep
DESKLINK System 7 Desktop (create shortcut).DeskLink
DEU Data 6 noise.deu
DGML Developer 3 graph.dgml
DHS Vector Image 1 ID_028.DHS
DIAGPKG System 74 DiagPackage.diagpkg
DIB Raster Image 26 3CSIDBAR.DIB
DIC Dynamic Link Library 633 hyph_de_CH.dic
DIR Video 41 Contents0.dir
DIT 1 adamntds.dit
DLG Game 18 msacmdlg.dlg
DLL Dynamic Link Library 312194 WEBSANDBOX.DLL
DLM Plugin 38 s1033.dlm
DLS Audio 23 power_lines.dls
DOC Text 87 flp.doc
DOT Page Layout 90 Contemporary Memo.dot
DOTX Page Layout 640 ChronologicalResume.dotx
DPB Backup 97 hpis.dpb
DPC Data 7 ID_10031.DPC
DPV Settings 576 GIFT.DPV
DPX Raster Image 1 InstallPackage_ETW.Log.dpx
DRV Driver 88 msh261.drv
DS Executable Application 11 CISDS.DS
DTD Developer 302 clipextractor.dtd
DUN Game 11 migx25b.dun
DYC System 38 XBA55X_A.DYC
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